Cheap Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Chic

I am such of a big Teen Vogue fan and I am utterly confused every month when I get an issue in the mail and I see the same thing over and over again. Every month I see high fashion name brands and designers that most teenagers don’t have access to in the first place. They call themselves Teen Vogue so why don’t they appeal to their audience!

Instead of showcasing Coach and Thakoon all the time(no matter how awesome they are), they should showcase products from stores that teens have access to that can still be stylish and fashionable. For example, Forever 21 or even products from Nordstoms and Macys are good places to look. I find adorable pieces from those places and guess what? They never seem to get a spot in the magazine!

I’m not saying that Teen Vogue or, any teen fashion magazine for that matter, should stop putting in those great designers and brands in the fashion stories they produce. I mean whenever I do see those designers in the magazine I get an instant chill and I start saving up my money.(Plus, I feature them in my own site.) However, when I see those shopping guides that you love to put in the back of the magazine, I want to see what every teenager wants to see. We want to see products that we- can- jump- in- the- car- and- get- it-ourselves-with-our-own-money type of products. If you truly promote personal style and true fashion you would understand where I and all the people that agree with me come from. Plus, who said cheap can’t ever be chic? No one did! So stop acting like it!

-Editor of Mademoiselle Tres Belle


6 Responses to “Cheap Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Chic”
  1. miss.sedley says:

    I agree. I’ve always admired people who can look super stylish in cheaper clothing – because ANYONE can look amazing in designer!

  2. Just found this post and I COMPLETELY agree with you! Most of my clothes are either from H&M or from Charity or Vintage shops! I love Vogue and Elle etc. but they feature 100% high fashion and not enough affordable fashion for those of us who aren’t millionaires!

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

  3. Hi Mademoiselle! Just found your blog. I truly believe you can find/get beauty in cheap products at ANY age. Especially in these difficult times who can sepnd half a salary on beauty/fashion products?
    Check out my blog (“Beauty Cheap&Chic”) for tips on cheap products that anyone can get on a limited budget. I’m always on the hunt for a bargain!
    Do leave a comment if you visit!

    • Thx for your comment! I totally agree with you! I think magazines should try to focus more on the hard times too. Maybe they don’t have to be so forward about it but, a little cheap doesn’t hurt, right? Anyway, I will visit your blog. It sounds cool! 🙂

  4. Ciao Bello says:

    I totally agree! They shouldn’t be giving “teens” a range of designers. When half the people reading the magazine don’t have jobs. They appeal to “teens” so they need to advertise in teenager’s price range.

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