Is ‘Going Back’ Hurting The Future of Fashion?

Is'Going Back'Hurting The Future of Fashion

I have recently enjoyed the recent happening of style and fashion flashbacks of the 1980s’ and before. I really did love the bright neon colors that bounced off tees and the tremendous comeback of the cropped sweaters. However, I do feel the need to express that even though we relish the past and remember old boyfriends or young memories by putting on a pair of pants, we are losing creativity and flair that made those trends so important to our fashion identity. Why, if we just regress in our fashion potential then what will happen to the fashion community in the future?
I feel that disecting the decades of fashion and reliving the glorious days of before isn’t all too bad. For a couple of years I have really been into the past days of fashion and expressing myself in a retroactive way. I have consumed myself so much into this new ‘fashion flashback’ that I even turned back to old pop culture that amused people in those time periods of style. I honestly believe that those were great times for the fashion world.
Although fun times are fun times, you can understand when I say that recreating a party and repeating the same joke more than twice ends up not being funny anymore. I feel it is the same way with style and fashion. Once we lose our edge and we continue to recreate the past we will soon realize that now it isn’t stylish anymore. It isn’t fashion forward to put on the same type of sweater that you had when you were seventeen! Instead of involving ourselves into the fashion past we should create our own trademarks that represents the early 2000s’ as unique and fresh. Think about it. Is going back really worth it?

-Editor of Mademoiselle Tres Belle


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3 Responses to “Is ‘Going Back’ Hurting The Future of Fashion?”
  1. CiaoBella says:

    But I also think that kids in the future can’t be wearing outfits from the 2000’s because we haven’t made any trends of our own yet.

  2. CiaoBella says:

    I totally disagree, I mean it doesn’t sound like your stating your opinoin. But we all know what your trying to say. I think going back in time with fashion is definently worth it! Soon our kids will wear fashion from the 2000’s. And you’ll think it was totally worth it!

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