Build A Long-Term Relationship With Your Closet

Aren’t you happy to hear that the economy is finally turning around? The process is probably taking slow but, we all know we’d rather have a slow moving economy rather than a dead one. With that thought in mind, even if the economy suddenly turns perfect again, which it won’t, we still have to deal with the after taste of the unfortunate situation.
So what is my solution? I am not a financial advisor,however, but since a little bit more income might be stumbling in your hands maybe you should smartly invest. Instead of spending your money on a cute Wet Seal jacket, maybe you should decisively buy into something a little bit more expensive but will last for a long time style wise. Plus, instead of investing in just cute you can invest in a cute but long term relationship with the product.
Do you need good brands to consider? To achieve a cohesive wardrobe for the long run, purchase from Chloe and Stella McCartney for starters. They produce amazing quality and it’s guaranteed that what they produce won’t go away all too quickly.
Just take it slow before you jump into Alexander McQueen again…

Senior Editor of Mademoiselle Tres Belle


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