Active Duty: Is The Military Trend Here To Stay?

Active Duty

{Acquired From} Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010 RTW Collection

I don’t know what started this famous bonanza of the military trend. I’ve heard it was the death of Michael Jackson that started it, or it was the eighties comeback that gave the trend a whirl. However, what started as a little blurb of what we call fashion history, to me, turned into a style movement.

I recall thinking that the military trend was an accident or a little fad that fluttered across some runways. Now I find myself wondering if the military trend is here to stay.

Now I see Burberry Prorsum give up their usual ruching and draping for an edgy military look that exemplifies and takes the embodiment of the combat, military trend. When it comes to seeing that before my eyes, I am truly convinced! I hope to see the military trend stay and to not go away like some silly fad!

Above is a collection of pieces from cheap to the expensive that takes the character of the military movement. I love seeing the clash of metallic spikes on wrists, for jewelry, I enjoy the cargo jackets and camouflage that adorn the fashion enthused, and I am in love with the boots that are active in heavy hardware but can still pack feminine charm. My oh my, I want this trend to stay!!!


Senior Editor of Mademoiselle Tres Belle

3 Responses to “Active Duty: Is The Military Trend Here To Stay?”
  1. I personally love the military trend. I’m not big on the military style jackets but it love the cropped cargo pants and metallic studs… love ’em!

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