Tweed Jackets Call My Attention

Eve Tank
$46 –
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Msgm jackets GREY
575 GBP –
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734 GBP –
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Senso TINA
$190 –
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At first, I must admit, I was a little ‘iffy’ on featuring the tweed jacket on MTBelle. I wasn’t worried, like many people my age, that I would look suddenly older or if the trend was really relevant for this day and age. However, I was worried that the tweed jacket was just another unavailable secret that was withheld from me because, I thought, that Chanel was the only design house worthy to create such a classical piece. Then I was soon to acknowledge that I was wrong and that everyone is available to sweet tweed jacket. My ignorance soon led to bliss!

Why am I so interested in the tweed jacket? You maybe asking that question. I was drawn to it (blushing) from an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Then one thing led to another and I started to do my research.

I will not let go of the recognition that Chanel does, perhaps, make the best tweed jackets. I drool over the boxy shape…


-Senior Editor of Mademoiselle Tres Belle


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