MTBelle’s 2010 Fall RTW Highlights… What We Thought Was The Best: Up First is Chanel

After the long deliberation and constant studying of the many Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear collections, given by the fashion elite, me and many others have come to the decision to single out just a small amount of what we thought were groundbreaking and the most impressive collections of the big bunch.

Although, many other blogs and websites might have already covered their favorites, I thought that reviewing runway shows aren’t just a quick- look- over- and -choose experience. It doesn’t matter if one site gets to the decision quicker then the next. The prize in the decision is that it was carefully considered and put together on a strict criteria. Plus, I love coming up with a decision that is relevant to the date and time! If Fall 2010 RTW collections are put out in March, don’t expect me to feature them until August! I believe educating the world of fashion has to be relevant and practical for average people.

Below is first the result to my hard work! Tell me if you agree or disagree!


If I must say, Chanel admittedly won’t be a shock to you to understand why they are on top of  my list. Chanel, every season, delivers something new to the table, that always ends up to be an iconic hit. From the scenery to the actual clothing on the hottest models of the time, Chanel is an A+!

For this season, Chanel really stuck with an icy, arctic theme chilled with sloshing water at the strut of the walking model’s feet. It was glorious and so creative and just seeing it on video gave me the shivers! Plus, shaggy boots paired with faux fur covered pants and jackets really made this runway show special! The bonus is that Karl Lagerfield knows how to keep Chanel trademarks on board but, always freshens it up with a young, relevant twist. So along with the  presentation and actual clothing that was assessed, in the end Chanel is absolutely #1!

{Acquired From} Photo: Monica Feudi / Chanel gives faux fur an upgrade by moving the accent to pants... The question is, is it really ready-to-wear?

When Chanel Says Faux Fur, We Find It!


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