MTBelle’s 2010 Fall RTW Highlights… What We Thought Was The Best: Alexander Mcqueen Is No. 3

Perhaps I am so quick to put Alexander McQueen on the list because of his death at age forty Thursday, February 11, 2010. Maybe I simply admire the fact that the start of his unfinished collection was unique, fresh, and extraordinary, compared to his designer peers. Whatever the reason, I know Alexander McQueen deserves the high placing.

This collection, to me, sometimes was more couture than ready-to-wear in some places. However, it may just be that I am not ready for lavish long gowns and the unique spin he put on them. Although, I must say that the gold embellishments on such dresses were gorgeous and once again shown wonderful craftsmanship.

Despite the wonderful clothing that was displayed, I have to mention the shoes! I am not alone when I say that every time his runway looks go down the runway, I go straight to the footwear. Ever since October 6, 2009, when he had models strut in ten inch to twelve inch gorgeous heels, I haven’t looked head-to-toe. I have been watching toe-to-head! This time, the footwear was wearable and couldn’t lead you to your death if you walked in them. However, that will definitely not take away from the fact that each and every one of the footwear were insanely beautiful! There were black ankle boots with gold spikes and studs at the platform and there were gold ankle boots with, again, gold spikes and studs at the platform also. There was also one ankle boot that was a creme colored reeking with delightful gold embellishments. The boots were kind of a refresher to me since the clothing wasn’t as ready-to-wear as I wanted it to be. (But what was I thinking when Alexander McQueen is the designer?)

Overall, the blurb of clothing that we saw was like a stamped memory of what Alexander McQueen was all about. It makes you evaluate his design career and the messages he sent. To me, he was a fearless, creative genius that told his own story. So if that is what I take away from him, then he definitely deserves to be on my list.

{Acquired From}Christopher Moore / Courtesy of Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 RTW Collection


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