MTBelle’s 2010 Fall RTW Highlights… What We Thought Was The Best: Gucci Lands Second Place


Gucci, or more specifically, Frida Giannini, hit a different note with me this season. I loved the amazing transition of the collection from beginning to end. Plus, instead of over-the-top glamour, which Gucci loves, their clothing and presentation was closer to minimalistic and structural. I do not know if the decision of minimalism was influenced by the nineties rage or the upcoming decision to reinvent oneself but, it really worked! However, don’t worry, Gucci kept with signatures in the end with amazing, glamorous coats and sexy lace.

Gucci, most importantly,won the spot of second place on my list because, of the cohesive placement and transition of the collection. I really noticed the flow of the runway looks which is hard to spot, sometimes, because of the many ideas that designers seem to want to convey all at once. Plus, my theory is that people seem to lose interest in presentation, so it leaves one last thing for the designer to think about.  In the beginning the collection wasn’t overdone but in the last outfits lace and fur toppled on top of each other, which in the end, made a perfect finale and a great mix.

(For the reference, Gucci made killer suede over-the-knee boots!)

{Image Acquired From}Photo: Marcio Madeira / Gucci Fall 2010 RTW Collection

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