MTBelle’s 2010 Fall RTW Worsts… What We Thought Flopped:Hermes Is Up First

Hermes, or once again more specifically, Jean Paul Gaultier flopped while trying to convey an interesting idea that at the end some ridiculed him for. While showcasing a type of sexy leather menswear based idea, he failed to produce anything that was iconic or new to the fashion community. For example, how many times have you seen fitted leather pants or jacket? His first runway look was simply was just that! There was no creative spin on the trend or no unique additions to them. It was just leather pants and a jacket.

While the above statement is so very true you might be defending Hermes, saying, probably, this: It was simply chic! No it most certainly was not! Simplicity does not require muted ability to produce style. Jean Paul Gaultier did nothing to produce style in any matter than other to throw on a bowler hat and 1800 inspired canes or walking sticks. It was a complete embarrassment because, honestly, Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best designers on the planet.

{Acquired from} Photo: Kim Weston Arnold First Runway Look from Hermes Fall 2010 RTW Collection

To conclude such negative comments, I must say that designers are human, just as much as the bloggers and the editors that might ridicule their work. It is so hard for me to pick out what I’m calling the ‘worst’ from the bunch because, fashion is an art form and art is interpreted by only the eyes of the beholder. To many others this fashion show might have been the best of the bunch,however, I’ll end things with a quote from a review that Sarah Mower from wrote on this collection. said, “But fringed mohair blankets arranged in tiers, as evening skirts? That was a joke that was just a joke.” I respectfully agree with, Hermes.

However, to begin the praises and to look at things on the most brightest style possible, I might also say that I was very impressed with not only the idea and concept but, I was also impressed with the many shearling or fur coats that appeared in the middle of the collection. They were very nicely done and perhaps still carried female qualities. However, I still saw a snippet of utilitarian  in one of the looks, which made it incredible!

{Acquired From} Photo: Kim Weston Arnold Hermes Fall 2010 RTW Collection

So to the masses of people who will still stick by Hermes or Jean Paul Gaultier until death, do not stop loving them both. For the situation is just like dealing with a sibling or family member. If they mess up, in the end, you still love them and in the future they will do amazing things for you. Plus, Jean Paul Gaultier left Hermes so that problem won’t happen any time soon, if you know what I mean?


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