Vogue Creative Director Gets An Autobiography?

Grace Coddington might be a name you may know because, of the documentary movie “The September Issue”. To others she possibly is the Vogue creative director that also had an early career in fashion

{Acquired From Forbes.com} Grace Coddington, one of the most influential fashion editors gets an autobiography...

modeling. However you may know Coddington, you should know that her fame and most-wanted job has won her the opportunity to publish an autobiography.

First, I must say, that “The September Issue”, which Grace Coddington,  appeared many times, was an ultimate disaster. If there is anyone who thought the movie was an utter success or thought that the documentary showed raw and real footage, think again! The movie was staged completely! It was an embarrassment to the fashion industry and the fashion enthused.

While some of the movie exposed real points and opened a window of truth, the only bright light of honesty were the faces that appeared on the screen. Yes, all those people that appeared throughout the movie worked as apart of the staff of one of the most important fashion bibles on the planet.  Sadly, that is the only affirming credit I will give to the creators of the movie.

Again, if we steer away from awful negativity and get back to the main point, I will also tell you that I am increasingly getting more and more excited for this new book. The book will cover Coddington’s life in Wales and through her modeling career. Although, that part of the book will be amazing, I am most happy about reading her career in British Vogue and American Vogue as creative director and the many other jobs she had the opportunity to master as well.

With so many negative and positive events happening in the world as we speak, I will admit, that hopefully the fashion enthused will find that the book will soon reveal a positive light on the fashion industry. I definitely want it to be a step up from its predecessor, “The September Issue”.

One Response to “Vogue Creative Director Gets An Autobiography?”
  1. Shell says:

    Watching the September Issue was like watching paint dry!!!

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