My Official Farewell To The Eighties

I am officially sending my last kisses to the beloved Eighties that unfortunately had been murdered by greedy manufacturers and untasteful celebrities. If only they had spared his life and kept the style boom to a minimal, maybe he’d still be alive and still live in our closets today. However, the treacherous event happened and it was countlessly predicted by style gurus and the fashion elite for months on end. So how could I be so surprised? How could I be grieving so much?

 I am sending my love to the recently deceased Eighties who lived among Michael Jackson, Madonna, and all the other celebrities that nurtured him during his years of childhood. I am mourning over his last years with me as he grew old and showed us stories and sang songs.

Eighties was full of spunk and energy, he symbolized a movement! As he walked down the streets of NYC and Paris, we grinned, as the bright colors and playful surprises jerked our attentions. We also laughed when we saw him crop himself on our top halves. I remember the most wonderful memory we had together when I saw him bravely walking down the runway of Balmain’s show one year. That night, I remember, I had tears of joy. However, I did remember his bubbly, electrifying personality hurting me sometimes. Eighties used to damage my hair with all that hair product for extra volume. He made me angry when I couldn’t wear my favorite minimalistic blazer. However, I always came to the solution of forgiving him.

Then one by one he became weaker. He went through so much stretching and pulling. One year, one of his adopted fathers, Michael Jackson, perished at the age of fifty. That saddening event broke his heart. Eighties learned how to cope by lunging himself back into the public after a decade of private life. Later, he faced persecution and criticism when he graced the red carpets and many others in his last months. Then there was that day, when Eighties died.

Many people would say he killed himself and others would say it was of natural causes. However, I know the truth and I will never accept any of those theories. Eighties was murdered by his own, the fashion industry. The industry was provoked by the money being made from Eighties and the credit that they were not recieving of some of the impartation they placed in him.They were jealous, and painted with envy.

It was sad that night when I heard the news. The evidence was on the floor of his home, the Time Estate. A poison, Commercialism, was on his nightstand disguised as his daily vitamins called Style.

I was so heart broken and torn apart but, I can’t imagine of how his family may have felt. Before the incident, the 20th Century family ridiculed Eighties. For Eighties was kind of the odd ball out aside from his older brother, Seventies. Now, however, his youngest brother Nineties has lunged himself forward, again, to comfort us. Although his loving kindness is working, I just don’t think I’ll ever stop grieving over my friend, the beloved Eighties.

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