I Fancy The Wedge Boot For Fall

It is not really odd how I created such a crazy, strenuous schedule and still find the hour or time of day to write to my beloved readers about the gaudy world of fashion. The answer and solution to the equation is that fashion is my daily life. It is something I ponder upon constantly and constantly, even though my life holds other mandatory tasks, fashion is what sneaks its way through.

So while beginning this post with a meaningful statement, I will once again constrain myself to the original idea that was to be written in the first place. This idea that I simply put into a bland category is way more than just an idea. This idea is special, and a breather from the automatic shut down of the overdone eighties style and the simultaneous startup of the nineties rage. Then it is an ultimate recess from another decade recently thrown at us, again, the seventies.

While all of this mayhem and what I call, style food, has been laid before us, waiting for us to consume all of the wonders or terrors, I decided to show you something simple and fresh.

Why should I add on to the fashion shock that is behooving us all? Isn’t this fashion revolution happening all to rapidly?

So consider this… Consider a wedge ankle boot that laces up in the front in luxurious suede and neutral colors that keeps you relaxing effortlessly. It is the cure for the disease to the stylish organ, tucked away behind your heart.


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