Kate Spade Defines Classic Pretty

Kate Spade

Kate Spade by MTBelleBlogger featuring a 3/4 coat

While still expressing your edgy side and masculine type qualities with a lot of hard core leather and menswear inspired pieces is still, right now, fashionably correct, I thought it might be smart to accentuate your feminine qualities as well.

Kate Spade is wonderful at pulling out the feminine, even when the rest of the fashion enthused is still in shock and awe of Eighties’ death and the recent minimalistic launch of the nineties. Spade stays around as a constant foundation, keeping the sanity of fashion, while the rest of the fast paced industry builds on new ideas. She is simply taking the role of ‘mother’.

I will most definitely not be shocked if Kate Spade’s little empire expands into an established household name, pretty soon. Her brand is growing and maturing and, hopefully one day, will be held high with Balenciaga, Chanel, and Valentino, the classical fashion geniuses, whose ideas transcend time.

Kate Spade is a fresh of breath air and another growing pillar of the decade. I commend her and her developing fashion intelligence. She is embarking on the opportunity for her name to be placed with some of the internationally known fashion legends.

I hope she will keep it up…

2 Responses to “Kate Spade Defines Classic Pretty”
  1. Kimberly Bass says:

    Well said! Love you!
    Auntie Kim : )

  2. Shell says:

    I trust your opinion. Great

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