America Definitely Should Not Be Defined By Our Cheese



I was watching my television on a previous day, happening to glaze over the commercials just to get a feel of what is happening in advertisements and the crazy ideas of marketing. While watching the television, I happened to see a Kraft cheese commercial, which in an odd way, made me think of American fashion as well.

The Kraft cheese commercial talked of, their signature, Kraft American cheese. I was utterly mortified of just thinking of their promotion of such a distinct, unflavorful type of food. American cheese is not worth boasting over. Unlike other cheeses on this planet, American cheese is a waxed, flat, conglomeration of processed junk. So how could they embarrass me and the many citizens of America, to an embarrassing reputation?

While being unusually interested into cheese, I also found fashion creeping once more in my thought process. I thought of the American designers that give America a good name. I also thought of the major brands and clothing retailers that also gives Americans something else to become arrogant about. My pick of some of these brilliant geniuses would be:

Michael Kors

The Gap

Donna Karen

Kate Spade

Calvin Klein

Marc Jacobs

Urban Outfitters

J. Crew

In conclusion, wouldn’t you want to be defined by that list than a frumpy, gooey cheese?


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