Question: What Makes A Man Look Hot Stylewise?

I really do not understand where this question came from or how it miraculously

Simon Spurr Spring 2011 Collection {Acquired by} Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

appeared in my fashion rambling. However, while women and men know what makes a woman special through the expression of clothing, women and even men do not understand what the men’s persona of style is. So I’d like to approach the topic with this question, what makes a man look attractive stylewise?

I think it is really hard to answer such a question and generalizing it because, different people have various, unique opinions when it comes to attraction and style. Although opinions vary, it is very easy to categorize women and come with basic, general styles. I think we can do the same with the men of the world.

While Rachel Zoe has countessly mentioned that a turtleneck is a standard of style attraction for her, with men, I also have come up with the many things that men happen to do or people who personify what I look for in a man stylewise. First of all, I love professionalism. When I see a man in a tasteful suit at his work building or anywhere formal it makes me scream inside. Something about a chic, clean, and professional look excites me and sends beams of light through my brain. I’ve also come to think that the movie, “Takers”, knew how to translate that aspect of menswear throughout the picture. I loved the classic colors and the effortless but, carefully thought out look in the movie. (Along with some of the eye candy in the movie, I also think fashion is the reason that the movie had gained any financial gain.) Then I have also come to the conclusion that men should be able to pull off athletic wear. What is a man without an expensive pair of ‘Jordans’?

I really cannot elaborate on what makes a man look attractive stylewise. In our society men are not usually thought of when people talk about the fashion industry. What is it that makes them special and is there anything that does make them special along the areas of fashion? Tell me what you think?


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