I Encourage You To Do Your Own Thang…

Les Brown once said “You must do the things others won’t do, to get the things others don’t have.” I  commit so strongly with this quote because, first, Les Brown is one of the most influential, intelligent men I know and, second, this quote is true for all industries and areas of life. I found what Les Brown said, fits in my personal life, career, and the vast other lives that go along with the big picture of who I am.

To truly be apart of the fashion elite and, share the glory of those who control the daily event of one’s time to choose their clothing for the day, is a prestigious, honorable position. Who would ever think that honorable position is an easy task to

conquer and take over? It is not that easy! I see so many people tell others of their dreams online through blogging and various ways of communication, however, many lose the fact that everyone’s way to success is all different. (A moral learned from The Teen Vogue Handbook.) They think that their way to success is just like Tavi Gevinson’s or Marc Jacobs’ but, that is not how events happen in such a fast paced, strenuous industry. To get noticed you must stand out and “do the things that others won’t do, to get things others don’t have.”

This quote also applies to being original in your own unique sense of style. I see so many others think that being a stylish individual is having your closet being filled with some of the most expensive brands known to man. They find a magazine and copy verbatim everything they see. They are like exact copies of the current fashion world. There is absolutely no originality or uniqueness, just the hottest stuff on the street. While staying on top of things, is wonderful, there is a limitation. Who will see you standout if you dress like everyone else?

Readers, this is not a lecture or speech condemning you but, a wake up call for the people who need it. I encourage you today to “do the things others won’t do” and step outside of the box. Trust me, you’ll get noticed and you’ll love me for it!


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