Three Reasons Why Elle Will Never Have A Status Closer To Vogue’s…

Elle magazine has been receiving a lot of beatings from the fashion industry and others as well and, it leads me to this conclusion that no matter how hard they try they will never reach the golden status that Vogue magazine holds. For me, Elle has three reasons that they cannot get a hold of constant stable readers. As for Vogue, they have the power, influence, fame and competence to stay in the ranking.

{Acquired from} Photo: Alexei Hay; styled by Joe Zee

So let me break it down for you….

1) They have a case of bad luck.

I personally do not believe in the theory of luck. However, I cannot explain in any other manner of how Elle gets thrown away as trash occasionally. For example, there is disruption among the readers and critics of the recent Elle cover featuring Gabourey Sidibe. Julianne Hing of Color Lines said,“Sidibe’s skin is noticeably lighter than usual. Elle clearly couldn’t handle Sidibe’s real skin color, and traded away her actual color for something dramatically lighter,” leaving the fashion world gasping in despair or gathering and having a nice chortle over the constant abuse Elle receives constantly. The fact is that we don’t know where the abuse stems from or why it happens more than most magazines. It is just a reoccurring fact of what some would say, bad karma.

2) Perhaps there hasn’t been anything presented as groundbreaking in a long period of time.

Haven’t you ever opened up an issue of Elle and ever thought that what you saw is something that can be found from someone who has nothing to do with the fashion industry? My point follows with proof from their April 2010 issue, featuring country music star, Taylor Swift. One fashion story was a complete compilation of power dressing and the way to dress for the office, however, what makes this fashion story not credible is the fact that everything that was styled together could be found in a Nordstrom catalog. We could even stretch the bar and hand them a bonus by mentioning a Saks catalog! If they can’t produce anything new on a consistent basis, then forget it!

3)They’re just not Vogue.

The last reason to this very solid statement is that they will never be Vogue. Not that is a bad thing since all areas of media, especially magazines, should find uniqueness. However, Elle doesn’t have that stamina or excitement that Vogue retains. They will never grasp that influence, power, prestige, or value and, for that matter, that is why Elle will always be a notch or two below Vogue.


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