Madonna’s Material Girl… Is It That Cool?

For the teenage fashion enthused, a lot of commotion and obviously a lot of money have been put forth to put Madonna’s new line, Material Girl, right in our faces. So as the constant, disturbing image of Taylor Momsen holding her legs in peculiar ways, is forged in our brains when we think of the juniors department in Macys or, if we’re opening up a Teen Vogue, it is pretty hard not to check out what is available {Acquired from} Material Girl Dress $14.99with this new fashion line.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to think when I went to investigate with friends to see what the newborn fashion line had in store. The only background information was a few articles from WWD and Teen Vogue. So I definitely had limited opinions thus far, entering the store.

I looked around and saw what was to be expected from the many advertisements and magazine articles of promotion. There was definitely a punk rock, eighties vibe pervading the section but, hey, give me credit, I wasn’t trashing it from the start! I saw a good amount of good material but, then things started to turn ugly.

My conclusion to the experience was that the line is a bit outdated, to say the least. I encountered pieces that many girls would come to love based on their location and limited abilities to reach for the finer fashion in life. However, I’m not battering the fact that it wasn’t horrible. Yes, I would say that for the normal, average girl trying to just stand out, could pull off this collection and she would be happy with herself. Then there is that fashion enthused girl who would feel ashamed for wearing such pity and, just the fact that she cares and knows that she can do better will bash her inside. Really it’s all about the demographics of who Material Girl is trying to appeal to, which drastically changes the perspective.

For me, however, my best friend summed it up like this, “This is something that followers and, people who would try to look hip, would wear,” and with that statement I chuckled for two reasons. The comment was comical and it was, perhaps, one of the most ignorant comments I ever heard. However, she spoke truth and, I love her for it!


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