This Is A Fashion Game That Sticks

A look created by me, on Looklet. Follow me by searching my username "mademoisellebelle".

Looklet probably has been mentioned on this blog once or maybe even twice in the span of my time blogging to you. Nonetheless, Looklet is still a fashion game that ‘sticks’ and grows on me. Even to the point where I am on there for at least two to four hours! (How do I find the time?) It is, perhaps, the best fashion game available through the internet.

My journey with Looklet started while actually browsing the internet for inspiring new fashion bloggers or already existing ones that I have not heard of as of yet. I stumbled on a fashion blog, “Mademoiselle Robot” , which displayed many ideas conveyed through, what seemed as beautifully constructed photo shoots. (You should visit the blog, by the way!) I was so in need to investigate how she came into contact with hundreds of beautiful clothing and the perfect models. It then occured to me that every “photo” that she had on her blog had “Looklet” in the bottom corner. So the detective in me decided to simply put in the URL box simply, “”. I was successful, and at that moment I was opened up to access of the most-wanted clothing and my fashionable creativity to style photo shoots easily on the web. Ever since then I’ve been hooked to Looklet and now that they fully transformed their website not too long ago, I have been dazzled once more.

Looklet is convenient, fun, and looks the most realistic as possible, really! Aside from their competitor, Stardoll, the website is free to use to gain all the great features and looks less cartoonish. All the more reasons to join Looklet and start the stylish fun today!

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