What It Means To Love Fashion

Readers, it is probably most obvious that one of the biggest loves in my life lies with fashion. I dream about fashion throughout the day, I blog about fashion, I plan my most-wanted career around this love, and it is apart of me.

Some of the most hurtful comments that I hear about this love are some of the most negative but, also agreed upon many. Am I really vain? Do I entirely think about appearances too much? Am I one who exemplifies The American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser? No, of course not, and I will not be lumped into a treacherous category!

Fashion, to me, is more then that shirt that I have on my back. It symbolizes our economic state, our self-worth, and our hopes and dreams. Fashion even shows if you’re a leader or someone who belongs to follow. So when I say I love fashion, I am simply saying I love life!

I click with this industry, I belong in this industry, and I will change this industry because, this is my duty, my calling. Who wouldn’t want to connect with that urge?

Evaluate yourself right now and decide if you are willing to follow your passion for fashion when no one says it is popular. Decide if you will stay in the running and marry your life with this love. When you decide to follow your instinct and you are truly among the beloved fashion adorers, you will exemplify what it means to love fashion. I know what it means to love fashion and I hope you do too.


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