Zoe’s Baby Is Fake, Maybe…

There has been a recent celeb scoop pervading the minds of fashion adorers. The chic celeb stylist, Rachel Zoe, has rumors surrounding  her name saying that she might be pregnant. Rachel Zoe, pregnant? I don’t think so!

This news must be a publicity stint judging by her personal health, her show, The Rachel Zoe Project, and the recent termination, or not, of Brad Goreski. First, Rachel Zoe’s appearance most definitely shows that she is not capable of carrying a child. If she did conceive, sadly, the baby would not make it. Zoe has a weight problem, no doubt about it. Plus, her reality television show, The Rachel Zoe Project, has mentioned her and her husband desiring a child also. Couldn’t this ‘pregnancy’ just be a way to lure in more viewers? Then there is the termination or again, not, of Brad Goreski. Fashionista.com mentioned, ” Apparently diva Zoe was peeved that her supporting cast-member had taken her spotlight and secured the most plum placement an aspiring fashion mogul can hope for: A profile in the Style section of the NYT.” Could it be true and is this ‘pregnancy’ a quick way to obscure people away from her act of envy? It all adds up but, time will tell the truth in the future.

You really cannot fake a pregnancy…


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