It All Comes To A Close So Quickly… (Psst… Exclusive Chanel Sneak Peek)

This so-called fashion month has been filled with intense street style, a front row to die for, and mere clothing that are just simply indescribable.  However this fashion month presented by the fashion capitals of the Earth such as Paris, Milan, New York, and London,  is coming to a close. To some it might be a sudden ending since their recent month was scheduled full of back-to-back parties and business affairs. To others, however, this month was a surreal long term relationship full of style and delicious fashion choices. No matter how you felt this recent month went by, it is important to digest the important trends and ideas conveyed throughout the month.

I will not go into detail what I saw and I how I came to love the trends about to be reported before your interested, scurrying eyes. Nonetheless, I will give you an overview of some of the art that comes to mind when this season, spring 2011, comes to mind. I am so excited to share to you what I thought in the near future so then I can digest my thoughts and break down what was laid before the fashion community.

I would also like to thank you since you are the minority of the people of the world who take the initiative to inform yourself on your future style and fashion predicament. Most people say we are vain, self-absorbed, and entirely vague. While some may fall into these descriptions, I guarantee that the people that do not, including me, fall into this description are befallen by a sickening stereotype.

Fashion is more than just clothes. I say that fashion is a reflection of life itself. It reflects our current economic status, who we are, and where we are trying to be going.

So below, is a sneak peak of Chanel’s runway show visual overview of what the spring 2011 season was like and, when our true spring 2011 pops up, what that will be like also. I hope you agree with some of the decisions made and please tell me what you thought should be added?  Network and become apart of this ever-growing fashion community online!

Chanel Spring 2011 RTW Collection Photo: Monica Feudi /


Karl Lagerfield is a genius far above the rest that might seem to be popular right now. However, with this collection he soared, once more, against everyone, while, once again, sprinkling in classic Chanel pieces.

Expect intensely unique colorful blouses and boots to desire!

Key Pieces: Frayed Tweed Jackets, Motorcycle Boots, Tweed Shorts














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