The Condition of Our Future Fashion World Lies In A Testy Place

There is a problem.

I have found that many teenagers, especially the ones that are heading for higher education, are not capable to lead or take accountability for the future of this world. This includes the vast industries and careers awaiting to be tackled and, possibly, the children and families they will soon come to raise. Our future lies within these young people and, sadly, they are not returning us the favor by not taking interest in study, not forming their future plans, but still continue to watch Glee every week. It is shocking and a relentless task that the teens themselves are being pushed in work ethic and raising the bar constantly. For the rise in technology and falling test scores are symbols or excuses that cause this new generation to become outrageously lazy. How will we find the next Bill Gates with stakes such as these? How will we even find the next Karl Lagerfield or Anna Wintour?

Fashion is possibly at loss.

I think that the fashion industry is at a great chance of receiving a tremendous loss in the future. This comes from the condition of the fashion industry today, teen’s work ethic, and the knowledge or views of the fashion industry makes it a target for loss in the future.

The condition of our fashion industry is a compilation of fashion designers, stylists, magazines, newly come fashion bloggers, and the basic major fashion retailers that hit close to home. The fashion industry today is barely making progress and that is why such few are held in high esteem. For example, the new millennium or even our current decade is yet to produce an iconic trend or symbol stating who we are. The 1930s had the cloche and the 1970s had the bell-bottom jeans, however, our world and this current generation cannot fly past their past and, in that sense, crippling creativity that should be demonstrated. The fashion industry, today, is even on a ledge of becoming effective.

The teen work ethic also stifles the, perhaps, continuing glory of this industry. The advancement in technology and the cradle that teens are constantly put into are to blame. Technology obviously creates an environment with less work and teens have the growing idea that something- can- do- this- for- me or lets-grab-a-computer mentality. It is really comical and sometimes delusional of how some teens think. Some of this population groans over wiping a dish or just walking to the bus stop, while their predecessors have walked miles or had no dishwasher to come home to. With this new way of thinking, teenagers are at risk for making our world, our fashion industry a miserable place.

The fashion industry, itself, is portrayed poorly among young adults. Teenagers have this wild fantasy that to work for a magazine, like Vogue, all you have to do is to standout positively in dress, be able to babble on a handbag, and sit around dissecting a belt. However, that is most definitely how such a publication works anyway. Teens also have the growing dream of being discovered, perhaps, like Tavi Gevinson. They feel as if they can easily find their way on the front row of an Armani fashion show by cursing on a blog, take pictures of themselves in unrealistic outfits, and be seen in the most eccentric ways. They feel as if the fashion industry is an easy place to conquer, to find connections. When really this industry is one of the brutal, hardest to find a niche in.

Only time will tell…

Only time will truly tell what the future has in store. However, we all have a right to be concerned. Plus, although, we can worry about our future we also have a right to change this upcoming dreadful future of ours. Then, in the end, the choice belongs to these young adults and, if they choose to be the exceptional best then our future will once again be bright. Yet again, if they continue to stride along the path they have created. The fashion industry, our world, is at great danger.

One Response to “The Condition of Our Future Fashion World Lies In A Testy Place”
  1. Shell says:

    Brilliantly written!

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