Displays Innovation With The Three-Piece Suit

Prada Loafer Platform Pumps $750.00 @ Saks Fifth Avenue is a daily must-read filled with meaningful fashion insight, industry news, and the ultimate collection of pictures from the runway. It is a respected website among the people of the fashion industry but, it is also a known website before the general public, uneducated about fashion.

So enthralled me in one of the most innovative, fashion-forward, inventive ideas of the dawn of the new decade, just a few days ago. They announced the version of the three-piece suit for women. The three-piece suit itself was quite sophisticated and remarkable. It was a gorgeous gray with plaid highlights in the background, a sumptuous must-see. However, with its masculinity there was then a known feminine style that followed the suit. The suit cleverly accentuated the tiniest curves and embodied the feminine spirit. Just the street style picture alone was engaging and so decisively put together!

I also love how the woman in the street style picture chose to accessorize an already well thought out ensemble. The dark-wash denim button down shirt peeking through the vest, the brass studded bracelets, and the gorgeous Salvatore Ferragamo suede brown bag were a cohesive, polished match to the creative investment in the suit.

However, what was not the fault of the woman but, perhaps the fault of the photographer was the lack of shoes shown in the shot. I wanted to know if she encouraged a loafer or an Oxford pump. Maybe she went for a simple brown Oxford. I was lead to a dead-end and it tormented me!

So I came to the conclusion that with such an amazing outfit the shoes had to be a pair of loafer pumps, preferably Prada.


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