Japan Fashion Week Is Deemed “Quieter” By WWD

Japan Fashion Week, I must admit, is not one of my favorite fashion weeks on my list and I doubt if it will ever be. Somehow the style doesn’t internally connect with me. Plus, I never get a chills from a fashion designer who display their fashions there and, to me, the street style is randomly boring. (If that makes sense.)

So when one of WWD’s (Womens Wear Daily) headlines read that Japan Fashion Week was “quieter” due to the fact of “fewer international buyers than past editions”, it doesn’t shock me at all.

Although everyone is entitled to an opinion, I believe, that among a mass amount of people globally rarely look to Japan Fashion Week to land trends all the way over to the Western part of the world. Two of my theories support the statement, number one, American society doesn’t allow creativity to an extent and creativity is given to the only ones who actually try it.  Could you ever imagine all of the US dressing themselves as Lady Gaga? Could it really ever happen, exempting Halloween? Most likely it will never happen because, of the way Americans think. Number two, Western culture and Eastern culture will mix on some occasions but, because of location Western culture and Eastern culture usually clash. It is inevitable that this will occur and, frankly, I think Japan Fashion Week isn’t all too hot.

However, not all of the global community of fashion is based in the Western part of the world. There is a majority of the fashion elite from the Western world; it is a fact! Most of the fashion industry and all the fashion capitals are Milan, Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo. Tokyo is the only voice speaking from the Eastern region leaving their ideas left

behind. If there were more voices heard from this particular region maybe, just maybe, we will become acclimated to the style and adopt it into our individual lifestyle. Plus, if more people actually knew that Tokyo was a fashion capital of the world they would mimic it more, perhaps. The problem seems to be in mere probability and uncontrollable stereotyping.

So there it goes… A “quieter” fashion week for Japan. The predicament could be solved with just more publicity and more open minds of the Western region.

Japan you can do it!

7 Responses to “Japan Fashion Week Is Deemed “Quieter” By WWD”
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