$225 For 3-D Glasses?

Would you ever pay $225.00 for a pair of 3-D glasses? What would you do with them? Would you bring them to the movie theater when you’re watching the hottest 3-D motion picture being presented? Would you keep them in a safe place in your entertainment center to watch your new 3-D television?

The questions are spewing out of me like wild-fire!

The point comes to this: Gucci has introduced 3-D glasses worth $225.00 from your pocket! The idea is catching a

reaction of half laughter and half of my brain is actually considering it. First, who would ever pay $225.00 for 3-D glasses in the first place? However, when you deeply think about it, the idea is a perfect way to stay chic in a movie theater… Oh wait, it’s dark in there anyway!


I’m sorry Gucci but, your glasses has gotten some chortles from me… Please, 3-D glasses! Are you kidding me?


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