The Little Story of Dooney&Bourke and Uggs

The underdogs of the industry have risen again. Yes, Dooney&Bourke and the notorious Uggs that many people sport are rising and plotting their revenge on the remarks of hate, abuse, and condescending looks that ravaged them inside. The plot, a decisive scheme, is the new Jimmy Choo and Ugg collaboration and the Dooney&Bourke 1975 Signature Collection. Will they ever takeover? Are they a potential threat? I say no, however, time will only tell the truth.

The Little Ugg That Could

Jimmy Choo for Ugg Australia

I must voice that before September of this year I had dread for Ugg boots. The thick soles, large silhouette, and most of the styles made me cringe. The whole idea of the Ugg boot took me for a toll! The fact that the Ugg boot was a symbol of the slightest bit of money really irritated me, for the truth was that the Ugg boot was a silly excuse for the large amount of money. Wearing an Ugg boot exemplified your lack of understanding of the fashion industry. (Not that there is a problem with that!)

Although, my opinion is true to myself I have quite raised a double standard. I, myself, have indulged in the Ugg style for the comfortable swagger they offered and the quick option of not ruining your lovely Loubitons just to grab a product from Walgreens. However, I will once again stay true to myself saying that no one will ever see me in a pair of Ugg boots intentionally until now and, a collaboration made that possible.

Jimmy Choo for Ugg Australia really reformed my mindset of Uggs. The option that Jimmy Choo has recreated and enhanced the infamous shoe into thrilling cuts of studs, animal prints, and a tiny dash of gaudiness opened my mind.

The question is will Ugg stick with this new direction? Mademoiselle Tres Belle doubts it but, again, time always shakes things up.

The Magical Handbags of “Cornytopia”

Dooney&Bourke once was a favorite of many Americans. They provided the classic image of American luxury fashion at its finest. However, what was once a ranking American brand among the many escaped into the land of “Cornytopia” leaving former admirers blatantly confused.

What made Dooney&Bourke the sham it is known as today? Perhaps it is the candy colored clutches and bright handbags. Despite the fact they want younger customers, candy colored clutches and ridiculously non-tasteful bright handbags aren’t the way to go! Dooney&Bourke can’t simply try to broaden their horizons. They must go back in time and recreate what made them a once known iconic American brand.

So Dooney&Bourke reintroduced their 1975 collection, reconnecting to former admirers of the past. It proves that going back isn’t all too bad.

Will they be consistent in the near future? Mademoiselle Tres Belle actually counts on it! We predict that this is a test-run for the sophistication that they have yet to bring back.

2 Responses to “The Little Story of Dooney&Bourke and Uggs”
  1. Shell says:

    The shoes and the bag are fly.

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