The Celebration of Fashion’s No. 1 Source!

WWD Celebrates 100 Years Informing The Fashion Industry

WWD is one of the world’s most renowned sources of journalism. However WWD, in fact, is the number one source for the fashion industry.

For those who have not heard of WWD or Women’s Wear Daily, are definitely missing a link in their genealogy of their fashion identity. WWD is an industry newspaper that entirely covers the fashion industry. In the reading material you can become informed of industry news, see awe-inspiring street style, and explore the minds of the most important barons of the fashion industry. The newspaper is an ultimate source for also comprehending what might be transforming our wardrobe in the near future. Plus, it’s all of this with remarkable and lucrative writing.

I myself read WWD daily, or whenever I have the chance. WWD is one of the starting places I go to when I need information or ideas to build off of for an amazing post to share to you, my beloved readers.

What makes WWD even so much more amazing in my eyes and the eyes of many others is the prestige and reliability it holds. WWD is celebrating their 100th anniversary in the business and it just shows how much they have changed the fashion industry. We see, sometimes, a raw view of how the industry is ran and it also comes to show that WWD is a controller in what we see. WWD holds the rarely found ability to gain trust from quick-moving readers of the industry they write about. They truly open our eyes to what they want us to see, gaining a positive dictatorship of the industry.

So go and celebrate WWD, Mademoiselle Tres Belle loves that you’ve survived to 100 years old!

One Response to “The Celebration of Fashion’s No. 1 Source!”
  1. Shell says:

    Extremely well written.

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