Monday’s Biggest Release: Teen Girls Creating Promiscuous Fashion Choices

It is a hot August morning, the temperature is already sprouting at eighty degrees ,and the air is terribly humid. As the students file into school and socialize their way to their lockers, it is quite evident that these teenagers are lacking any style conscious. Nothing is worse than seeing a girl endure a close-fitting pair of shorts and topple a half-done ball of straggly hair on top of her head. Unless you are a lust-thirsty adolescent boy hunting for over-sexed girls to stare at throughout the day or someone who dresses in that same attire, nothing is more enraging to see. Teenage girls need to take pause and think before they actually wear. For it looks as if these people have no boundary between the looks of a nymphomaniac or a class-act!

It is not always  hot Summer days that bring forth the tiring shorts and revealing articles of clothing but, these young adults can make a way out of no way when it comes to emulating the looks of someone less classy! Perhaps on an Autumn or Winter day, it could found that a teen girl would wear her unattractive sweatpants but, purposely give a peek to the world of her underwear. Or a girl could be found ogled throughout school hours because, of her choice to wear a lace top, not caring whether her entire bra is visible or not. These young women have become experienced and will break even more boundaries because, their bravery is relentless, breaking the seasonal barrier!

Teen girls need to understand that appearance, sadly, is how a person is judged without knowing. What would anyone think of a young adult who pours terribly applied makeup, wears the most revealing clothing, and allows their male peers to talk to them in degrading manners? Simple, some of the most explicit words come to mind.

Sad ain’t it?



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