Ask Yourself That Inevitable Question

It is the moment to inquire the query which was known to fall before you; however, it became lost quite quickly. It is yet again, time, to reevaluate your wardrobe, your style, and your past fashion decisions. What was it that motivated you to modify your last ensemble or skip wearing that dress you bought not too long ago? I am asking of your true identity. Are you who you dress like?

Yes, you have thought of this question one way or another. Truly, deep inside, you loathe the innate desire to relax and act as if you were yourself. However, you and I, we have learned very quickly that being our entire selves is frowned upon and disliked. If I weren’t true in my theory then being naked wouldn’t be so dramatic. Yes, you have thought of putting on attire that suits you rather than conforming to the population around you. I can be accused of treason! I have found myself choosing one skirt over another because; simply I would be the only one in my community to wear it. This question has entered the minds of all.

However, it is also inevitable that one would ignore such a matter. One does not wish to evaluate and change. Plus, all of us would be guilty, would we not? Acceptance is more important than remaining comfortable. All of us would rather not be noticeable and move along with the wave of the majority. Although, I acknowledge that to most it is really more important, it is wrong! Eliminating the question doesn’t eliminate that big wad of truth!

So many of us are afraid to encounter one snide remark, that we paralyze ourselves, acting foolish and befuddled. Blah, blah, blah! Don’t be afraid! Helen Keller once said, “Life is unpredictable; eat the dessert first.” She’s referring to that sudden death and lost opportunity because, you decided to wear a mask and skip over life. Countless times you have chosen to eat your broccoli! Les Brown once said, “You must do what others won’t do, to get the things others won’t have.” What are you going to do?

Be yourself and dress the way you would if you would die tomorrow! Now what would you look like?


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