Why Can’t People Understand Fashion is Based on Interpretations and Countless Greedy Hogs?



Ugh! I am stuck on the constant criticism flung at me on the subject of the fashion industry. Recently I have been foregoing a huge project, and with mass amounts of concentration I become more frustrated with certain comments that probably wouldn’t have such an impact in the past, mostly because of my stress levels.

Comments that agitate me excessively:

“No offense but that stuff is stupid.” – Anonymous
This comment does offend, in fact, it determinedly pierces right through me! How can someone insult what effects them daily? What’s more? The comment was said in ignorance after seeing the Yves Saint Laurent SS 2011 collection for the first time! My dear, in fact, YOU are very stupid!

“I don’t get how any of this is fashionable?” -Anonymous
I must give leeway on this comment because, most do not understand the dynamics of fashion magazine spreads or the thought process into styling a fashion show, however, I won’t give up the truth that the comment burns. People must know that fashion is based on interpretations, similar to a painting on a canvas made by Monet. Sometimes fashion is in its literal form, this occurs when you leave for work in your ensemble. Mostly in its raw form, fashion is not as literal and based on mere concepts and designs. Plus, the comment was said looking at a Teen Vogue, which in my opinion lacks any fashion at all, it’s just a magazine to exploit a teen’s passion for style and manipulate into a mumbo-jumbo mix of weird advertising! (Loved the Tavi Gevinson piece in the January issue!)

How ’bout that?

(photo courtesy of 4.bp.blogspot.com)

3 Responses to “Why Can’t People Understand Fashion is Based on Interpretations and Countless Greedy Hogs?”
  1. Vanity Press says:

    Most people think fashion is stupid but they don’t realise everyday when they decide what to wear, that is FASHION! People can be ignorant….

  2. I agree, sometimes people just don’t understand! Lol 😀

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