Inside Look Into Burberry’s Spring Wonder


It has been debuted, reviewed all over the web, and final opinions are now in! However, it must be known of my opinion of London’s most iconic brands, Burberry! Consequently, along with Burberry Prorsum’s global rep, I have found the brand to be a coveted favorite of mine as well. What is most loved from Burberry is the celebrity style bandwagon that peruses the fashion platform, practicality, and a young, fresh yet sleek approach across the board from womenswear to menswear. In addition, how could I emphasize and do justice with mere words the perfection to their signature, chic outerwear?
Recently the brand released a pre-fall and fall collection, however, the review pertains to the spring 2011 season debuted last year. Below I have dissected looks photographed above:

The Biggies
– Conquering Theme? Motorcycle Jackets for a Feminine Girl
– Major Commercial Approach

(from left)

Look #1
A look best for a party to show your impeccable fashion taste, is made up of a paler olive green, strikingly beautiful with the metallic, silver jacket topping it off. The dress is fashioned with ruffles, streaming throughout in different sizes, gives an effortless approach to minimal glamour. However, the ruffles also bring out beautiful workmanship and subdues any slight object of sloppiness. It’s perfect for a cocktail party and the metallic jacket brings it home in neither bulky nor extremely thin hardware. The quilted patterns on the shoulders reaffirms my interpretation of the collection as a feminine lady rubbing off her tiniest edgy part of her personality. It’s simple and perfect in every way!

Look #2
This defines Burberry’s signature style! A light tan, leather belted trench with a more than less risky collar insists its family’s, in which it belongs, legacy of the finest outerwear. A little closer, and you see a ribbed, diamond like pattern embedded in the plastic like hardware. A subtle way to add spice, eh?

Look #3
Oh my! This is definitely a treat! The black studded jacket full of spunk, contrasts with the courting feminine dress. Even if I love this jacket in full splendor, wouldn’t the studs be better handled with Balmain?
Then there is the other commercial approach, a spice of leopard print creeps into the purple femme fatale dress. How beautiful?
Please pardon… Too much commercialism don’t you think? Studs should’ve been left with Balmain and the dress was a sorry excuse for more sales! Am I right or no? Burberry I’m confused!

Overall Burberry has executed another wonderful collection, despite my critical remark. Four and half stars, and really it should be five but, from past collections I know they can do a little better… 😉

2 Responses to “Inside Look Into Burberry’s Spring Wonder”
  1. I agree with your rating – I prefered their AW10 collection as it was striking and really stood it. When I look at the SS11 collection I don’t immediately think “It’s Burberry”. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it.

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

  2. Clare says:

    THis post makes me very very excited. I cannot wait until spring!

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