Prada’s Spring 2011 Collection: _______?



Prada is another household name built on Italian luxury and sense of sophistication. The robust yet classical way of going about various themes and concepts stems them apart from the rest. However, it is undeniable that the brand belongs to Milan, for its Italian attributes stands strong along with its Italian peers.
Along with reputable success, Prada personally stole my heart to their handbag and loafer pumps that have been recently released to the public. The structure of the handbags, similar to Calvin Klein, but not quite, stole my heart for many reasons. The architectural feel, mature hardware, and the neutrality to which coordinating ensembles makes extremely simple were all points of success. The loafer pumps were, yet again, mature and were the perfect remix to the dreaded and adored flats.
Along with my stolen heart, Prada seemed to steal the hearts of many critics and editors alike. NY Mag titled an article about Prada’s success stating that,” ‘Critics,” were, “‘Orgasmic Over Prada’s Spring 2011 Banana-Monkey Spectacular'” Prada really  whisked the fashion industry away but, did she do the same to me?
I believe I was split into two different personalities when analyzing Prada’s collection. I admired the bold striped prints on the pencil skirts and I also adored the multiple heels, especially a particular striped pair, that were debuted the day of the collection. In addition, Miuccia Prada, impressed me with her challenge to rebel against the minimalist chains that has been recently striking our world into pieces. Then again, I must disappoint some of the public in saying that the collection was a goofy, comic approach to making a statement. What might be a reference to Josephine Baker, was possibly a hideous mistake. Monkeys and bananas appeared to be a perfect graphic mix in one piece, while in a considerable amount of dresses the graphic mix taunted me. I was torn in two, a feeling not expected from one of the industry’s greats!
Below is my analysis for the looks shown above:

(from top)

Look #1
This runway look was a bold, grasping piece shocking me with delight! The cropped white top featuring a blue monkey and banana print, left me charmed and contrasted nicely with the skirt that shortly followed a bit before the waist. The skirt of electrified pink horizontal stripes against the major contrasting black was playful for the eyes. While the skirt nicely accentuated the body, it was loose enough for slight movement down the runway. Voltage was increased with unique and chic sunglasses and a striped clutch to match.

Look #2
The shoe above was debuted the day of the revealing of Prada’s collection. I simply fell in love with the playful approach added with stimulating colors, a bright green and black.

Look #3

The last look was a mere disappointment. The stripes and monkey combination was most distasteful. I mostly disliked the print rather than the structure of the dress, which was actually very clever… Come on, what else was there to say? Honestly, I felt it was a disaster!
Overall, the collection gained three stars. Prada did not engage me in all of their pieces and the collection was a setback from past debuted. Knowing the Prada that I know, I will rise to the occasion and still own them as a favorite. Although very disappointed, I lust for bigger and better things.

2 Responses to “Prada’s Spring 2011 Collection: _______?”
  1. Trendy Treat says:

    Monkey over her bananas! A very fun and jubilous collection, great post!

  2. lesberlinettes says:

    Nice Description of the Looks. Definitely like the ss Collection. Very theatral.

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