Yves Saint Laurent Stays in the Forefront This Spring




Yves Saint Laurent, a Parisian name that must be known among the masses. Classic silhouettes, awe-inspiring runway makeup looks, and intensive style says his name. One of the greatest names of fashion, along with Chanel and Balenciaga, the genius’s legacy still lives on in the brand’s spring 2011 collection.
While the most of the world has reviewed the collection, one must know the opinion striving to break forth. It is a most positive one. Why, the light and full ruffles on printed dresses, the accented bows and scarves, and simple, crisp jumpsuits were beautifully prepared! In awe I gleamed at the makeup looks, not for its future on my face but, the concepts and thorough thought process that was integrated into this entire production! In just two words, only one could say it was: absolutely stunning!
Below is an analysis of the three looks above:

(from top)

Look #1
Crisp, clean colors of a bright orange and dark navy blue covers the famed model’s body. At the top the fabric ties in with the loud color, catching the eye. A huge, however, not an obnoxious bow grabs attention and perfectly adds an aspect of femininity to a top lacking any body-conscious appeal. Then high-waisted navy blue shorts hug the body in a poised, lady-like matter. It can be disguised as a pencil skirt, foolishly.
This look should only grace the poised and classy of all ladies.

Look #2
A mixed color print of a ruby red and robust orange flows effortlessly down the runway. A knotted thin scarf compliments the neck and neck-line of the dress, mostly to grant poise to the look. The dress ends below the knee in beauty with an array of ruffles at the edge. Simple yet heavenly in silhouette and color.

Look #3
A polished bare back left with straps connected to the front of a navy blue jumpsuit accented with pale gold at the waist. The jumpsuit hugs the body in mere perfection without any slight of proportional dysfunctions. The idea is effective with a resemblance of the 70s’ in a flare cut ending at the bottom.

In this collection YSL made it clear that the object of sex-appeal does not belong in body-conscious pieces and revealing clothes, however, the brand adds the desired appeal in a concise, short manner with classy bare backs, cutouts, and correct proportion.
The notable brand also called forth the trending 70s’ angering me another season, yet again. When will there be a time where the new millennium gains a signature statement?
Overall, it was a pleasing collection and receives five stars. The rating slightly tainted, for its already greatly admired reputation.

Photo courtesy:
Acquired from Google Images


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