Chloe’s Spring Shoe is the Epitome of Contemporary Design


While Chloe debuted a dynamic, contemporary collection this Spring season, I didn’t feel the need to review it. Yes, the collection was filled with beautiful pieces. Yes, the collection was a special one of the many Spring 2011 collections. However, Chloe produced yet another collection true to its same style, (not that there is anything embarrassing about that matter) but why waste my energy on a designer that played it safe, when they obviously didn’t put a new amount of energy on my account?
Aside from the clothing pieces, I thought it was appropriate to feature a shoe most delightful from the show. Unique and full of splendor, the shoe was architectural and exhibited contemporary style at its finest, an attribute well executed from the Chloe team.
Along with the fanciful clothing pieces and the transparent shoe, the show was a modern depiction of Cinderella’s old tale. Altogether it was a time away to taste fantasy in perfection!

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2 Responses to “Chloe’s Spring Shoe is the Epitome of Contemporary Design”
  1. Ioana says:

    they’re indeed beautiful!

    I love what you wrote about them.

  2. I like the comparison you made to a cinderella shoe – I agree that Chloe did play it safe this year and it was practically the same as their AW collection – both the designs and the colour palette. We want something a bit different now!

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