Tribal Wear Gets Its Grand Stage Thanks to Missoni



Missoni’s Spring 2011 Collection was an ethnic print wonder. Many references from African culture, with Kinte cloth, and Latin America, with specific prints, were a beautifully made clash of different regions of the world. Missoni, an already, global sensation for many, went literal.
Known for their signature prints, they are a power-house for a cultured, colorful woman. A mixture of idyllic and Bohemian style wrapped in sophistication is the vision. In addition, to a unique style, Missoni accomplices it with commercial value. Missoni can be purchased and is really ready-to-wear! Their consumer is benefited from two sides of the table, a business savvy attribute of the design team.
Consequently, with such already positive comments coming from my ramble, it wouldn’t be an absolute shock to the public that, I, indeed melted over Angela Missoni’s Spring 2011 collection. Only one could imagine themselves in one of her maxi dresses flowing with the wind on the beach, living in pure luxury on a Caribbean resort. It was most enchanting and it beguiled others with every glance.
Below are a dissection of the looks above:
(from top)

Look #1
Ranging from the darkest blue to the most electrified orange, this maxi dress was anything but subtle. It was an entire clash and mix of prints, a total loud exhibition. However, it wasn’t obnoxious! The different prints masterfully had its place and the dress was entirely tasteful. Along with the obvious visual aspect of the dress, the “cut” of the dress was clever since it seemed to wrap around. It was stunning and crafty!

Look #2
Aside from the overly praised print on the skirt, the actual structure and blend of the print was quite witty. The way the skirt found its commercial routes in length, appealing to the longer skirt trend, was another business savvy move. In addition to the business decision, I admired the creativity in the loose silhouette and how the skirt fell loose on the body. The idea wasn’t obvious in trying to pull across the global approach, and it worked for the better!
Overall, I rate the collection a four and a half stars. While the collection dealing with individual clothing pieces was mere beauty, minimal repetition followed throughout. I believe in creating a flow throughout the collection, yet I felt I saw the exact same dress twice!

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3 Responses to “Tribal Wear Gets Its Grand Stage Thanks to Missoni”
  1. Love the first look especially with the hat!

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

  2. kellyahern says:

    I love Missoni! Have you seen the label’s latest campaign with Leighton Meester…it’s gorgeous!

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