Basso & Brooke and Their Unorthodox Approach



Basso & Brooke, a London designer duo, has recently received slightly negative critiques from many for their Spring 2011 collection. However, since I chose not to fully review the collection, I will give a quick synopsis of my opinion of the collection, a little contrary to the majority.
While Basso & Brooke delivered, what I call, an unorthodox approach to making a statement, for me, they still impressed. I might agree that some of the prints they decided to put on certain pieces, was just a bit too literal. I refuse to agree with the mass majority, however, in stating that many of their pieces were likable. Some of the dresses, like shown above, were a neat, refreshing part of London’s fashion week. The repetitive grunge, edgy, and motorcycle jacket-wearing girl was being over-played. Basso & Brooke was a vacation away from her.
I insist that the duo didn’t falter in producing something beautiful. It was a mere misconception for the rest.


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