DKNY Spring 2011 Is Interesting… A Nice Way To Put It




DKNY, an American label that declares America as contender in an overall continental fight to fend France off their wonderful high horse, has been a success to some. Some, is the key word because of numerous interpretations due to reviewing a collection. While many reviewed the spring collection as a tasteful success, I find myself to disagree. DKNY’s spring collection was way to literal and in some garments, I felt as if I stepped into a Forever 21. I did find myself pouring myself over some pieces, however, they attracted me for the unique concept that the rest of the collection didn’t have.
In New York City, there are so many possibilities of dress, yet DKNY smothered us in commercial awareness, and some vague appearances of unique style.
Below are the dissected looks from top:

Of the many dull garments that flounced across the runway, I find that this one is a favorite. The color is eye-catching and compliments the contrasting black print. Most importantly, the silhouette and shape of the garment held a tasteful, unique class about it. I liked the idea of wrapping a huge Pucci scarf and draping it over me. Yet there is not a strong similarity, I connected the draping and loosely placed fabric with the Ancient Greek and Roman style. Perfect for a cocktail party, you can truly stand-out.

Not quite sure to criticize or commend, I find myself puzzled when it came to the choice to review this garment. I see a relation to re-creating a vintage-inspired piece, but the idea that might’ve been conceived to this tangible item, here, was a lack of execution. She had forgotten creativity and left the garment entirely too literal and commercially prepared. Imagination was missing, and it continues to show the greedy strive for Americans, like me, to produce more money. I’d rather buy a piece worth $10,000 that I could find nowhere else, than vice versa.

Words are useless for the rage and ridicule that wishes to surge from my mouth. To begin, the collared, white shirt was not the base of ridicule. I must admit that the appearance of the shirt revealed the American spirit of simplicity, as seen numerous times in the Calvin Klein label. Yet the annoying skirt, ruffled to the max and resembles styles found to swoon teenagers at Forever 21, Wet Seal, Papaya, etc. One could only ask: what in the world? Way too prepared for commercial distribution, that the garment scared me! The lack of difference was a slap to spectators’ face. No interpretation was needed to say that this skirt was useless. Even Forever 21 is more unique than that!

Overall I rate the collection two out of five stars. Yes, I was disappointed many times from the Spring collection, but I enjoyed a substantial amount. DKNY has so much potential! Leave commercialism alone, one season, and take the financial risk!


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