Alexandre Vauthier’s Haute Couture is Spell Binding, Admirably




A lovely trait to the Haute Couture season, is that there are no boundaries. Commercial awareness gets tossed away, and you get to see, or be lucky enough to wear, raw talent and creativity.
While everyone else automatically thinks of Christian Dior as an automatic best for the entire season, I think of Alexandre Vauthier. Though the Christian Dior label is a favorite of mine, one should look to a fresh look and face. Alexandre Vauthier has that fresh spunk and new idea. Yet the ideas aren’t too complex and can be traced back to some of the legendary pillars of fashion, such as Christian Dior. I might also like him for his similarities to Alexander McQueen. They both have that same factor that makes me swoon for their garments.
This Haute Couture season Vauthier impressively captured sheer cutouts or risque sheer looks altogether. Padded shoulders, a reference to the eighties, and over-the-top glamorous style made itself known. Plunging necklines, garments abundant with leg cleavage, and sheer, sometimes, was a bit much. However, that’s Haute Couture, no boundaries. A good, yet in this case almost a bad idea.
The entire collection wasn’t tasteless, but a bit much. Ready-to-wear might’ve tainted my little couture mind, but I’ll get it back. 😉 One never forgets to admire the fantastically made things of life.

Stars: 5/5

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