Finale Day: The Last of Spring 2011 Pt. 3





The last of the highlights for the Spring 2011 season are just moments from reading. Many designers and labels performed and many succeeded. It’s been wonderful to review and analyze these collections! Next up, Haute Couture!

(from top)

I adored Mulberry’s Spring 2011 collection! All the pieces were simple, functional, and perfectly complimented the label’s glory, their handbags. Some of the monotone looks were jaw-dropping, and I enjoyed the denim suits and dresses.
Stars: 3/5

Prabal Gurung:
Prabal Gurung masterfully created an eye-catching, architectural collection. Full of numerous garments featuring color blocking and geometric shapes, it caught my attention in the simplest of ways. It was hard to ignore with electric blues, oranges, and reds!
Stars: 3/5


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