Alexa Chung: A Bit Overrated?


Magazine after magazine and blog after blog, Alexa Chung is shown as the current Brit style queen. Aside from Emma Watson, to many, her style is impeccable. From her wavy tresses to her simple style, it seems that she accomplishes looks effortlessly.
What is a phenomenon that wraps me around her little finger, is the quick movement up to being an alleged style icon. People who haven’t seen her or heard of her their entire life swoon so quickly! They have no understanding of what she does for a living and how she rose to fame in London, yet one street style piece changes the whole spectrum. Why is that? Why are people so gullible?
I believe until the elite of the industry decided who was going to be the “it” girl or not, the followers followed suit. No one cared if she was just being herself and following the trends of London. Ignorant industry followers blew the girl into a full-grown style icon. Consequently, ruining my daily blog search routine, because it comes clear that what becomes popular isn’t always the best.
I believe Alexa Chung does have that enchanting style that one must admire. Yet I also wonder if she’s a bit overrated. One only has to see a face and a short article in Vogue, or any renowned magazine, to go berserk.
Does everyone really love her or trying to fit in, just like high school?

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

3 Responses to “Alexa Chung: A Bit Overrated?”
  1. littleminnie says:

    she had that whole indie festival look thing going on & the rock star boyfriend helped!!I think she became really popular in the uk because she was different to the usual blonde, tanned, dolled-up gals on tv & mag editors love a former model too….now Jameela Jamil has taken over her old T4 job & possibly even her style crown!!Wouldn’t mind having a bag named after me tho….!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. She is definitely known more for her style than her job – I couldn’t even tell you what show she presents!

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