Blanche, Ethereal Dresses of Bohemia





When an iconic decade, such as the 70s’, crosses the runways quickly, one must keep its duty to embrace the trend as quickly as it came. While some of the dresses above could easily be defined to their Grecian similarities, I find that the gowns speak heavily with the ethereal bohemians, or hippies, of the 70s’.
We must remember the long skirts that swept the floor, the pop culture, and the turn of our society when this decade was in full swing. It’s almost impossible to forget when designers such as, Anna Sui and labels like Andrew GN, copy garment from garment and idea to recreate the time period. Although my disappointments of the non-innovative ways we try to reinvent time periods irritate me profusely, it’s still a notable bit to think about.
From the top, I believe the dresses express the modern take of the 1970s’. The strapless silk gown of Lela Rose for the price of $4,995, is an elegant favorite. A beautiful Alberta Ferretti silk chiffon gown, is perfectly draped for $6,895. In addition to the two favorites, close loves of mine would be the 3.1 Philip Lim silk dress of $875 and the Leaves of Grass embroidered silk maxi dress for the price of $685.
If you’re not willing to pay absolute top dollar for a garment someone else can buy, stop by a vintage shop. The treasures are barely measurable with money, because they come with priceless history.

Photo courtesy of Net-A-Porter


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