Chrysler’s “Style” Commercial Means More Than Just Cars

Usually I don’t fret over car commercials. They seem to be all the same; with the usual weird landscapes you wouldn’t drive your car in, speeds that you don’t need, and the same features, just a different name. However, I entirely fell in love with the new Chrysler “Style” commercial. The clothing styles were gorgeous, spinning off the 40s’ and maybe even 50s’ theme. I also intensely was enamored from the glamour, recaptured from the past decade. Truly Chrysler created an advertisement quite different.
However, the commercial’s wardrobe and recreation of the past time period, wasn’t just what I took away from the media. I felt as if Chrysler was conveying more than just our lost appreciative thoughts towards just driving a car, when a car meant exhibiting fervent glamour or success. Yet I also feel that the same firing feeling whisked away those surreal, elegant moments of fashion in the past. There was a time when the Diane Von Furstenburg invented the wrap dress or when Coco Chanel reinvented the clothing image of the woman, and when those events happened it erupted into something more beautiful and meaningful. We lost all of that, because season after season we find that we lost originality. Not one more day I want to see an exact recreation of the 70s’, but a pioneering idea or garment that defines the decade of 2010. “Whatever happened to style?” a good question asked. It seems as if the true glamour and style that we thought we owned doesn’t exist.

Watch the commercial using this link:

2 Responses to “Chrysler’s “Style” Commercial Means More Than Just Cars”
  1. Really interesting post – I agree that non one has really done anything “new” for the past few years. But then I think of collections by Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane and think that there may be hope for us yet!

  2. hayleyswinson says:

    You are definitely right about the lack of originality. I feel like the last few years have been all about updating the styles of the past and reinventing “vintage.” Don’t get me wrong, some of the vintage comebacks are beautiful, but it would definitely be nice to see something brand new and pioneering!

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