Happy Rainy Days!





As the Spring is approaching, I squirm in discomfort. Usually I’m quite thrilled about leaving the restless cold, ice, and snow, but I created a New Year Resolution that moves me out of my comfort zone.
In the Spring and Summer, I do bulk up on more colorful garments, but I continue to have the other 50% of my wardrobe left in black. I’m a definite risk taker when it comes to style ideology. However, hardly beyond black and neutrals I’m an expert.
Now I have come to be an ultimate ace at the color game. (Whenever I’m determined to fight for my wardrobe, I fight!) I researched, analyzed recent collections repeatedly, and I just wanted to spread the joy.
This upcoming Spring season, I promise to spread the color joy with bright pops of color. From the top, parkas and trenches hit the right tone. Especially the gorgeous, lush ruby red Lanvin trench coat for the price of $1,895. Another close favorite for a rainy day, is a Boy parka of $995. The bright yellow is so cliche, but so perfect. Then comes the Burberry, intended to be absolutely adorable, with a gorgeous fuchsia trench coat and another bright yellow parka. Both hold the prices $650 and $695, respectively.
Such joys to wear on a future happy rainy day.

Photo courtesy of Barney’s New York and Net-A-Porter

One Response to “Happy Rainy Days!”
  1. littleminnie says:

    There’s practically a monsoon outside my window, so I think I NEED one of those numbers above!!Can’t decide what colour I heart more tho!!;)X

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