Extravagantly Worn: In This Case More Is Better






We always hear less is more, however, in some cases, more plays its wonderful self. Especially, these past seasons on the catwalk, when maxi skirts and dresses are unleashed, yet again from its past reign. Color isn’t a terrible attribute anymore, prior to the minimalist rage not too long ago. Plus, metallic garments are trending on the street style scene of the best streets. Who could give up the opportunity to join in the loud, longer, more colorful, and shiny parade?
Along with these garments actually trending, the actual eventuality that they are trending, fits perfect with timing. With a world seemingly, I believe, will hold another world power, China, we must embrace the change. It is so sad how the Eastern region of the world rarely finds styles carrying over to the West. Mostly because of different political policies, I think we are estranged from our other fashionable neighbors. Plus, no matter how foreign their style concept may be, I believe, it’s fully time to embrace it. Turbans or an imitation of Issa London’s recent Spring collection would be a great start to adopting the style.
Above are some of my extravagant favorites:

Ashish-Sequin High-Waisted Skirt of $505

Rick Owens Lilies-Maxi Skirt of $685

L’Wren Scott-Sequin Mini Cardigan of $2,295

Erdem-Milicent Top of $600

Backstage at Issa London Spring 2011 Show (Note the turbans.)

Photo courtesy of Net-A-Porter, Barney’s New York, and Sticky Vinyl Files

One Response to “Extravagantly Worn: In This Case More Is Better”
  1. I certainly agree that often more really is more! I’m in love with that Erdem top but $600 is a bit out of my price range!

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