Rachel Zoe’s Collection Will Do Well, Promise!


Rachel Zoe, American stylist, known to dress Anne Hathaway and others, has thrust upon us a dawning clothing line, not too long ago. Since she is pregnant with a baby boy, due in March, she decided to release her fall collection quite early in January. However, Style.com says,” That’s ahead of department stores’ typical Fall buying season, but it didn’t stop Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Intermix all from scooping it up.” Style.com and me happen to agree! Rachel Zoe’s collection will do very well for many reasons!

#1 She already has a band of loyal followers.

Rachel Zoe, the style guru, will have a success in her new journey with this clothing line, because people love her! While there is a population that criticizes her every move, that comes with the territory! Her followers will gladly buy almost the entire collection, because they feel like they know her. They’ve probably watched her Bravo reality television show, The Rachel Zoe Project, and probably drank up the edited reality they saw. With the catch phrases, “arguments” with her husband, and panic moments, people feel like they’re helping out a friend they know!

#2 She’s marketable.

Rachel Zoe will also find success, because she has been commercially savvy and created herself as a marketable brand. Her reality television show, fits this category! With the support of Bravo, or in the big picture, NBC she will accomplish great things merely, because she will gain the perks of being connected to a mass media outlet. Plus, the fact she’s publicized her upcoming baby is a bonus!

#3 She’s known for her great style.

Rachel Zoe has the most impeccable taste I have ever seen! Her hats, coats, and sophistication wrapped up in bohemian accents, are just gorgeous! It’s gotten to the point that if she says wearing chickens on your head is trendy, people, me included, might actually consider what she’s proposing. So when her line hits full circle, don’t be shocked, it’s people trusting her style that will be one of the factors to make it happen.

#4  The garments are amazingly stylish.

The reason that makes no difference if Rachel Zoe’s name is on the garment label or not, is that the clothes are stylish, indeed. Whether one knows her name or not, what will grab their attention are the gorgeous, luxurious maxi dresses, beautiful tailored blazers and flared 70s’ inspired pants. The eye-catching silhouettes will stop your heart and make you quote a famous Zoe phrase, “I die.” No matter how much the clothing won’t break style boundaries or produce something iconic, altogether, the production was flawlessly prepared for sale.

Photo courtesy of Style.com


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