Christian Siriano Earns Major Respect This Fall 2011






Christian Siriano known for his catch phrase, “Fierce!” He is also best known for winning the fourth season of the reality television show, Project Runway, people’s comic towards him, and, now, him turning into a possible upcoming designer to watch.
Recently, he debuted his Autumn 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week, and shocked critics whether they bluntly said it or not. What was so shocking? Siriano created a collection amazingly sophisticated and made fashion sense. He showed his comprehensive ability to transform trends in creative ways for buyers. So many were expecting an amateur who actually braved the odds to show others his work. We expected a designer who conquered the phony reality television show world, but would be shunned for really lack of any talent.
I was very impressed with a very sophisticated, classy sheath. He accurately copied Givenchy with sheer skirts on dresses and outerwear. (Which was a little distasteful to do so; who exactly copies someone’s idea?) However, robbing Givenchy told the world that he wasn’t a total outsider of the industry. Siriano said in a way, through clothing, that he studied and understood the elements and fundamentals.
Although the collection was very impressive for Christian Siriano, I would be terribly disappointed if it was labeled under Chanel or the actual Givenchy brand. They are entirely on different, higher levels than him. Givenchy coming out with green gowns and black mesh styled similar to Siriano would be a disaster. That would be Marchesa vomiting their philosophy on the edgier Givenchy. Yuck! It’s very pretty on Christian Siriano, but ugly on Givenchy, better phrased as disgusting!

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