30 Day Styling Challenge: Day One

Day One

Day One by MTBelleBlogger featuring gold handbags

The 30 Day Styling Challenge

I decided to take it upon myself to strengthen my styling muscles. Recently, I’ve been relying on memorized outfits that are easy to pull from my wardrobe, because of the lack of creative juices these days. Occasionally I will find something groundbreaking and unique, but it’s getting to the point where I’m waiting thirty minutes in front of my closet to pull something together. Choosing an ensemble shouldn’t be that difficult. To begin rebuilding my fashion expertise, I will begin a thirty-day challenge to pull together an entire outfit including: a shirt, dress, skirt, pants, shoes, accessories, and other stylish items. I find it very important to get back into a system of choosing an outfit in my sleep, in other words, scanning through my entire closet with my eyes shut in a remote location and picking out a superior ensemble. I know it’s possible, because I’ve done the task dozens of times! However, now I want that ability back, and with this 30 day challenge all lost will be gained.


  • I cannot reuse any item.
  • All outfits must not have more than three style similarities.
  • I can reuse a label or designer, however, the limit is twice every five days.
  • Outfits cannot have strong similarities with street style photos or runway looks.
  • Mondays should always be formal or evening attire; Tuesdays should always be professional attire; Wednesdays should always be semi-formal or cocktail attire; Thursdays are miscellaneous; Fridays should always be casual; and Saturday/Sunday are also miscellaneous.
  • All looks must have a title and type of attire located within the debuting of the look.
If any of the above rules are broken, I am disqualified and will re-do the challenge in another 30 days.
Day One
Chic Effortless Look (feat. Metallic Accents)
Casual Attire

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