Let’s Drink Tea With Erdem

Erdem S/S 2011

Erdem S/S 2011 by MTBelleBlogger featuring blue dresses

Erdem, what is said to be “The Christian Lacroix of London”, had introduced an aweing Spring collection resembling the English heritage Erdem came from. The flowers, simple, lady-like silhouettes, and tea party-like garments altogether was vigorating to see. One must give credit that has been due for a period of time.

In depth, we can also connect the garments to the iconic novel, Alice and Wonderland. The lady-like structure and childish appeal wisked you away into Alice’s dream world. For example, the splotched, colorful work boots  debuted for Spring speaks childish wonder. The boots were particularly trendy for its structure and style, however, customized to Erdem’s colorful vision this Spring 2011 season.

Since my reviewing season for Spring 2011 is practically over, I did not review Erdem, but gave the brand significant praise. Plus, the search for color to secure a spot in my closet, versus grays and black, is a mountain I must climb. Erdem gave me another stylish reason to forget the worry.

I adore the colors, the structure, and the uniqueness Erdem contributed this Spring. Let’s go off into a garden, sip tea, and gossip with Erdem on our backs!* (Especially with the preview of Spring all this week; I loved the warmer days!)

*British accent


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