Topshop’s Unique Autumn 2011 Is Lovable Yet Boring

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Topshop, the high street retailer, is coveted internationally, but based in the UK. Quirky, witty London street style incarnate for all to wear and take part. Furthermore, with the retailer’s designer collection that first debuted in 2005, Unique, Topshop has another success to brag about.

Topshop also has an in-touch, accessible stigma. In fact, their international website, has been the confirmation of this. Contrary to other high-end labels, the retailer has a down-to-earth persona. Also, in comparison to H&M, there are more options and original pieces to choose from.

Aside from their reputation, Topshop’s Unique carried on the legacy

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this Autumn 2011 season with another inspiring, fun collection inspired by the 101 Dalmatians. If Cruella DeVil  needed a style update, the collection would be best fit for her. Unique created fur coats with dalmatian printing, lovable dalmatian dog t-shirts(and sweaters), and heart-dropping, adorable dalmatian ankle boots. However, balanced against the obvious connection towards the iconic book, we still were presented with some signature Topshop style.

While  the collection stole a ton of hearts, I was horridly bored. Yes, I found some gorgeous looks; and yes, the fur was

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outrageously desirable. After all, aren’t all the garments something we have seen before?(I felt like I was looking at a Forever 21 promo!) Plus, the dalmatian inspiration was a ragged way of retaining some attention. It was terribly obvious!(I like to think; I have a brain!) When designers get inspiration, such as Burberry’s aviation-inspired look from Fall 2010, they excite you with additions to the actual inspiration. Taking an idea and not adding any new spunk or energy isn’t exactly having inspiration, but copying.

It was cute, adorable, and beautifully*yawn* boring!

Stars: 3/5

3 Responses to “Topshop’s Unique Autumn 2011 Is Lovable Yet Boring”
  1. littleminnie says:

    I agree Alexandra, Topshop’s very hit & miss!! But what’s more annoying is their sterling/euro conversion rate- they majorly overcharge us!How do brands get away with it?Grrr! This does look a bit Forever 21 to me too- nice post!!

  2. Topshop always play it safe and their clothes are always ridiculously expensive which is why I don’t buy them. In fact,my first ever blog post was a rant about why I don’t shop at Topshop! And I still stand by exactly what I said.

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